The Fat Chronicles Becomes The Fat Lady Sings

I started this blog when I began to gather material for and write my book. I have bounced back and forth between keeping it separate and itself and just merging it into my more general blog, Jung-At-Heart. Here we are in another bounce and a name change.

Having published my book, The Fat Lady Sings, I hope that this space can serve as one where we can explore together issues I write about in the book and pretty much anything related to anti-fat bias, fat acceptance, being fat.

Today when I thought to look into changing the name of the blog from The Fat Chronicles, which I still like, to The Fat Lady Sings, I was beside myself with disbelief and delight when I thought I found the domain name thfefatladysings was available. So I quickly purchased it and asked my web host to change the name. The this morning I discovered that actually the name I thought I had found available hadn’t been and it was through the grace of a typo that I found what I did. My hope, for now, is that people will come here through links in my email sig file, on Jung At Heart, and on social media. So please know that thanks to my typo, the domain name for this site is actually 😞