Logical outcome?

fat sign

This sign is not far from my house. To me what it says is a logical outcome of the distorted ideas about health that abound today and which I wrote about recently. Puritanism is alive and well.

Only during the last few decades has the legacy of Puritanism (operating in close partnership with the interests of capitalism) deftly lifted desire and gratification out of the equation, and replaced the notion that humans might like eating with the suggestion that we eat principally out of compulsion, illness, self-destructiveness, the desire for self-obliteration, to avoid intimacy and social contact, and so forth. As our cultural concerns have shifted from a focus on religion, God, and the afterlife to an obsession with health and (by extension) the fantasy of endless youth and eternal life, the glutton need no longer fear a punitive afterlife but, rather, death itself-a premature death caused by immoderation, excess, and slovenly self-indulgence.

Francine Prose. Gluttony (The Seven Deadly Sins) (Kindle Locations 101-105). Kindle Edition. 

When next you eat today, choose something that tastes delicious. Delight in it.