And then there were the comments

This morning NPR posted author interviews with Mona Awad and Sarai Walker, both authors of novels about being fat. The piece is lovely. Both books are terrific — I recommend them heartily. Do read the interviews.

Then scroll down to the comments. I know, I know — the comments section to newspaper and other articles puts the worst impulses of people on full display. But in this case, it is important to read them. For those of you who are not fat, take a look at what people say — and frankly many are willing to say these things to us directly — try to put yourself in the place of a fat person hearing and seeing and knowing that these judgements are out there. Look at yourself — how many of the negative sentiments do you hold? Is your concern about the health of fat people really just a way to disguise your disgust about fat? Your own ambivalence about your body? Your fears that without tight control you would become one of the despised?

Then let me know what you feel.